The AAG Capital Approach

At AAG capital, we help financial advisers build bespoke portfolios which consider each client’s …


How much money do they need and when do they need it?

Income Requirements

In retirement, what level of exposure to the market should they take for short, medium and long-term income requirements?

Tax Status

When looking through a tax lens, traditional portfolios tend to look the same whether the client is in accumulation or drawdown phase. We believe their tax status should make a big difference to how the portfolio is built

Attitude to risk

We help advisers educate clients around risk what it means, how much risk they need to take vs how comfortable they are taking it. We create portfolios to match these levels of risk.
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Our Aim

What do we aim to achieve through the 
tailored managed accounts:

Improved Client Value Proposition:

We believe an advice business that is built on delivering “financial advice strategy” is more scaleable and easier to corporatise than an advice business built on trust or personal relationships between the adviser and client.

Improved efficiency and lower implementation risk:

The use of separately managed accounts increase portfolio governance and lower risks across the practice by industrializing investment processes and implementation. This allows the advice firm to deliver more consistent advice and lower the chance that similar clients get different solutions or investment outcomes. Portfolios are also much easier to manage lowering the advice documentation requirements.

Improved Compliance:

Advice firms that are clear on their advice to clients and clear on how their portfolios are designed to implement the advice are better positioned to deal with compliance hot spots such as best interest duty and fees for no advice. This is because portfolios are built specifically with the client’s advice in mind, rather than built independently of the client’s situation.

Improved marketing and new client acquisition:

We find that when advice firms are clearer on their advice proposition i.e., they know what problems they solve, it improves their markets efforts to find clients with that particular problem.

Improved Pricing Power:

We help advice practices quantify and articulate the value of advice to their clients. We do this quantitatively (by calculating the dollar or percentage figure the client is better off).

carefully crafted portfolios for you

At AAG Capital, we’re committed to helping everyday Australians achieve their financial objectives  – an ethos that has earned us the trust of thousands of clients.