Why Evidentia?

Why did AAG choose Evidentia for strategic partnering and what makes them different to other asset managers?

Evidentia is an asset consulting business that specialises in helping boutique private wealth firms like AAG evolve their investment program to achieve increased connectivity between the firm’s investment portfolios and their strategic advice. AAG chose Evidentia both because of their extensive experience in asset management but also for their knowledge of advice businesses and advisers.

Utilising this knowledge they were able to assist AAG to design, build, implement, and manage tailored investment portfolios. The Partners and Investment Committee members are based in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and New York, and have significant experience in managing money across all asset classes; in product design and implementation; and at CEO level leadership of asset management businesses.

Key Features:

1. Deep resources and insights:  AAG Capital’s Investment committee is well resourced and highly experienced.  The investment committee includes members that have been founders / CEO’s and equity owners of asset management firms across asset classes;

2. Evidentia maintain a disciplined but flexible approach to asset allocation that incorporates forward looking capital market assumptions that enables the portfolios to adapt to changing market valuations and opportunity sets offered by the various asset classes;

3. The SMA structure improves AAG Capitals’ ability to execute portfolios seamlessly for clients and lowers the overall risk that portfolio changes don’t get implemented or get implemented in a timely manner for clients.

4. The SMA structure also means investors gain beneficial ownership of the underlying investments and have full transparency through the portfolio.  The structure also provides potentially enhanced tax outcomes lowers transaction costs and appropriate rebalancing to ensure client portfolios are always in line with positioning agreed upon by the committee.  In some cases, AAG Capital and Evidentia have been able to leverage off manager relationships and scale in order to access investments at competitive pricing.

evidentia’s philosophy

What is the Evidentia investment philosophy that underpin the AAG Capital managed accounts?

1. Diversify – Diversification increases the predictability of the portfolios and provides increased probability of reaching the investment objectives.

2. Valuation is important – Evidentia adopts a dynamic asset allocation approach that considers the starting valuation of asset classes and sub-asset classes.  We do this because research shows that valuation is an essential element to capital preservation over reasonable timeframes;

3. Think differently – We are investors rather than speculators.  Research shows that making investment decisions based on fundamental analysis and empirical evidence rather than short term noise delivers better long-term investment outcomes;

4. Taxes and fees matter – We only allocate fees where we believe (with a high degree of certainty) that investors will benefit from paying a higher fee.

carefully crafted portfolios for you

At AAG Capital, we’re committed to helping everyday Australians achieve their financial objectives  – an ethos that has earned us the trust of thousands of clients.